Relationships | 14 May 2015 18:23 CET

How Igbo Most Beautiful Girl Married Sugar Daddy

Wonders they say shall never cease as one is bound to hear various tails unveiling itself in various parts of the world to various families.

Sad but true story making the rounds has it that winner of The Most Beautiful Igbo Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant 2008, Uche Umunnakwe, has broken the heart of her long time lover of about five years.

Reports has it that the beautiful Uche had found new love with an INEC official, Kenneth, who is said to be based in Abuja, whom she met on social media early February 2014 and started a relationship with many thinking it was just a fling.

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The reports have it that the 28 years old Uche is finally engaged to the 58 years old INEC official who is as old as her father.

Well, their engagement ceremony, traditional wedding held back in November last year but the girl's father was not in attendance as he had kicked against her daughter's choice of man.

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