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Failed Marriages Fallout: Christians Blast Pastor Okotie

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Following the crash of the glamorous marriage between Pastor Chris Okotie and his stunning wife, Stephanie, less than four years after their big wedding, series of missed reactions have trained the 'man of God'. Nigerians, especially Christians, have blasted the funky preacher calling him all sort of names.

Okotie and Stephanie during their traditional marriage in 2008 avowed to stick together till death do them part but it's shocking to know now that even separation has actually put them part.

Immediately the story of their break-up hit town, readers and Christians rose in anger in condemning the man they once saw as a role model. Below are some of their reactions:

“This is really disheartening,” said Ladele Bisi who wondered why the pastor had to announce the break-up on the altar.

“I am not trying to judge him because the Bible says I shouldn't. But I would just say that he doesn't seem to have the fruits of the Spirit which is long suffering. What could be the issue that was so irreconcilable that led to the break up?” Bisi Alabede said.

According to Reverend Godwin Ogbewekon of the Mekadishkem Ministry, Benin City, Edo State, Southsouth Nigeria, “God hates divorce. It is wrong in the light of God's word.”

Michael Adedapo argued that the break-up raises question about Okotie's ambition to become Nigeria's president. “If he cannot manage a mere woman, how can he preside over a country?” he said.

“He said he married her for her beauty. So what do you expect? This is not an encouraging way to lead in church. How would he counsel people with marital problems?” James said.

According to Adeniyi, Okotie is no more qualified to preach anything concerning marriage.

A reader who identified himself as Panda reasoned that by divorcing his second wife, Reverend Okotie has not set a good example for those looking up to him.

According to Kennedy, Okotie is not qualified to be a worker in any church, much more a pastor.

Iphy said Okotie has no biblical understanding of the Book of Revelations he teaches.

“Those things that he taught his congregation were heretical, without any biblical foundation. That he spoke grammar that the congregation needed to look up in the dictionary is not evidence that he was teaching any biblical truth. Rather, it is evidence that his teachings have no biblical foundation so he needed to confuse the people. Jesus preached in the language of the people such that even unlearned Peter and John understood the message and the message transformed their lives from fishermen to fishers of men,” said Iphy, echoing what others said. Okotie's marriage break-up puts an end to dream twins that he expected Stephanie to deliver for him someday.

On 7 August, 2008, Okotie married Stephanie Henshaw, the woman he described as the most beautiful on earth, in a glamorous wedding attended by a horde of journalists and celebrities..

Okotie's marriage to Stephanie was his second attempt at matrimonial life. He was first married to Tyna his long time friend, but the marriage packed up after 17 years without any child.

Okotie is another firebrand preacher that often sends his audience into ecstasy. He is also known for televangelism, and for preaching the end times which he titles 'The Apocalypsus.'

In his messages, Okotie always reveals his knowledge of the Book of Revelations beyond the ordinary and in a very complicated language which has prompted many to go to church with one or two dictionaries.

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