Nollywood Exclusive | 5 June 2015 12:05 CET

Exclusive: Jonathan Administration Hosted us Like Birthday Kids...Saidi Balogun

Nollywood actor, Saidi Balogun, who had cried out some months back over the piracy of his movie, 'You or I,' has disclosed to that he is yet to come out of the debt.

He stated that the incoming government has a lot of role to play in helping to curb this menace called piracy in the country.

“I am still in the debt and all I must say is that the new government must pass a new law on piracy,” he said.

Hoping for a greater change from the incoming government, the actor begged that it is important that the Buhari led administration act by putting hard laws in place they could help reduce piracy rather than hosting them like birthday kids.

Saidi stated that when the outgoing government came into power he thought a lot was going to be done but rather the government kept hosting them without tackling the piracy issue.

According to him, “So I thought, when the outgoing government came in, but then, they tried too, they were hosting us as if they were doing kids birthday party. The new government please don't host us alone, pass hard laws on piracy. The senators, house of representative members, all the National Assembly members please pass hard loss on piracy. The committee in charge of culture in the Diaspora please don't go and sit and travel this time around, sponsor bills that has to do with why you are elected there.”

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