Nollywood On Fire | 19 March 2012 05:59 CET



One will not be mistaking to say that unbelievable things are beginning to happen in Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN) as activities gather momentum to ensure that the national election of this guild will hold this year.

Penultimate week,it was reported that top actress Stella Damasus who initially came out to run for the office of national Public Relations Officer(PRO) stepped down at the last minute.It was equally revealed that Ms. Damasus was unavoidably absent and could not meet Actors Guild of Nigeria Electoral Commission (AGNEC) screeners on February 26-28,2012 when other aspirants were screened.

According to the information,the screening that was to have ended on February 26 was later moved two days forward to accommodate Ms. Damasus.

When she remained absent till 28,AGNEC chairman,Mr. Sunny Mcdon ordered that screening should end meaning that Ms. Damasus was automatically out of the contest.

However,as you are reading this page,Ms. Damasus is said to have made her way back to AGN 2012 political race.

According to the source,AGNEC Mr. Mcdon on Wednesday,March 14,2012 declared that Ms. Damasus will be given an opportunity to return to the race again on grounds of ill health.

As gathered,Ms Damasus reappeared on Tuesday,March 13 with a doctor's report to prove that she was actually sick when AGNEC screened other aspirants.

It was informed that after going through her documents,Mr. Mcdon screened Ms. Damasus and allowed her to return to the race.

His decision however is drawing a lot of flask from several AGN members who allege bribery and undue interference by the AGNEC chairman.

They allege that McDon thwarted the rules because Ms Damasus belonged to the camp of Emeka Rollas,the candidate everyone allege that Mc Don wants to enthrone as the next AGN President.

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