Nollywood On Fire | 17 March 2016 15:22 CET

Stella Damasus Slams Nigerians for Being Scared to Speak Out


Stella Dasmasus is one bold lady who is scared of no government when it comes to equal rights. She is disappointed when she realized that most celebrities who should have spoken about the gender equality issue are no where to be found.She once took Senator Yerima on about the Child Marriage issue but only a few ladies spoke against the senator. This time, she got some words for Nigerian ladies who are busy posting pictures on the social media.

"A big shout out to my darling Kate Henshaw who has never been afraid to take anybody on, face to face or through social media as regards National and Social reformation issues . Much respect to you my sister. Where are the others who have the platform, status, fans, voice and the connections to pull global media and call these shameless men to order?

Oh! I'm sorry! Nowhere to be found right. This fight right here is not the place to showcase pictures of trips around the world, designer clothes & shoes, luxurious homes, academic achievements, awards, paparazzi, applause and self glorification so only the non-high fliers like Stella Damasus & Kate Henshaw should be sticking out their necks while others sit on the sidelines and sip on their bottles of champagne, watching the drama unfold. They look the other way because nobody wants to offend the senators that will probably be available to attend their events, premieres and launch of foundations; and possibly make huge donations."

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