Behind the scene | 10 April 2007 15:06 CET


The fight against piracy may have received the biggest boost with the introduction of a new device that combines technology and a reward system called the Anti-piracy Product Verification Sytem(APVS).

It has already received the backing of the Nigerian Copy Right Commission(NCC). An ongoing pilot run of the service has helped in identifying dealers of pirated items as well as discourage consumers from purchasing pirated items.

Explaining how the device works, managing director of APVS Global Consulting, Leye Adenle, said purchasers of APVS protected items such as home videos and music CDs will find enclosed APVS card in their purchased item. The card carries an APVS code that is unique to the item purchased.

Adenle explained further, consumers can check the authenticity of the product by submitting the APVS code online or by sending the code to a special phone number via SMS. An instant response would be sent back to the consumer making the query. If the item purchased is original and the APVS code has not been used before, the response would contain details of the item purchased such as title and producer and also inform the consumer that their phone number or email address has been entered into that months loyalty draw in which one person would win $1000.

If the number is not found or has been used before, this might be an indication of piracy. The consumer will not be entered into the draw.

The device, according to the IT expert, is open to owners of protected items and relevant authorities, adding that APVS protected movies and music CDs are identifyied by the APVS logo on the products. His words, producers willing to carry out in-house promos are able to use the APVS platform by simply advertising that there would be additional rewards to purchasers of their particular titles apart from the APVS $1000 reward.

Meanwhile, the new development has begun to generate interest among industry watchers. Some companies have already indicated intrest in the APVS among which are: Premier Music, Westside Music and OGD Productions.

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