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Take Iro and buba… Hey, don’t joke with my sneakers .


.Popularly known as the Danceathon Queen, Kafayat Shafau and her dance group, Zebra broke world record in 2006 and entered Guinness Book of Records, when she danced for 53hours 30minutes non-stop. With early life in the UK, Kaffy as she is also called took to dance while awaiting the result of her Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examination and since then has not wavered. She speaks with DANIEL ANAZIA on fashion.

What is style to you?

Style is about being confident, feeling good and wearing what fits your body.

Favourite colour

Black! It suits the colour of my skin, gives me the needed confidence and makes me bold.

Most expensive fashion accessory

It's my diamond earring. I bought it at $800. It's made of precious stone; the name I can't remember again.

Most valuable fashion item

I don't joke with my shoes and my trainers. I love trainers so much, maybe, because of the nature of my job — dance.

As a professional dancer, how do you feel about dance?

Dance starts from within and involves rhythmic exercise of the body. Dancing has brought me fame and took me to places that I ordinarily wouldn't have visited.

What's your view about Nigerian designer?

They are terrific, wonderful and usually come up with lots of exotic designs. They have continued to meet international standard, despite the various local challenges facing them.

Your local designer

I don't have any, but I do more of Zizi Cardow.

Favourite signature scent(s)

Give me Locust, Perrie-Ellis, Live Blue and I will be your home girl. I love them for their pleasant smell.

Favourite food

Garri Ijebu! Are you surprised at that? I love it so much that I take it anytime of the day. It makes my day.

What would you not be caught wearing?

Because of the nature of my job, I do more of jeans and tee shirt. I feel uncomfortable in Iro and Buba.

Aside dancing what else do you love doing?

Make me your kitchen manager, I bet it; you will not let me go. I love cooking, though, I hardly have the time to do it as I love to. But whenever I'm in the Kitchen, my siblings know they are in for a treat.

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