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Mercy Johnson, the sexy movie idol who has been a force to reckon with in the movie industry called Nollywood in Nigeria has recorded another feat but in the Yoruba genre, a movie titlled, Orungbeja as produced and directed by Femi Ogedegbe.

Orungbeja is an action-packed Yoruba thriller that takes us into the world of a group of notorious bandits who, during an operation, kill the future son-in-law of a prominent native doctor. The native doctor is accused of the murder of his future son in law, and to prove his innocence, he casts a spell that awakens the dead and gives them the authority to seek and revenge their wrongful deaths.

Femi Ogedegbe is one of Nollywood most respected and finest filmmakers whose artistic ability has taking him beyond the shores of Nigeria. He represented the Association of Movie Producers at the 2009 HD Expo in New York, USA last September.

The tall and hefty movie maker was awarded as the Ambassador in Nigeria for his selfless contribution for the growth of the industry by the Tanzanian Film Industry. The honour was bestowed on the versatile actor and producer when he directed over eight movies for the Tanzanian Films Industry. Olufemi Ogedengbe was the vice chairman task force Actors Guild of Nigeria from 2005 to 2009 before he resigned to contest for the post of provost in the association of movie producers and which he won gallantly.

Oufemi Ogedegbe is a complete film maker with countless movies to his credit and in his latest directorial effort, actor Femi Ogedegbe is set to release his much awaited star studded action thriller "ORUNGBEJA", where he features veteran and notable stars like Jide Kososko , Mercy Johnson, Kevin Ikeduba, Nike Peller, Abija Lola Alao, Alapini, Don Richard, Femi Fadeyi, Tayo Adeleye, Dupe Ogundina, Tito Harrison to mention but just a few.

Those who have seen a preview copy of the movie confirmed that the movie is far better than what the industry has produced over a decade in the Yoruba genre.

“Orungbeja would be bigger and better than anything the Nollywood audience is used to seeing. It would be available in English, French and Spanish subtitles.” The actor, producer cum model boasted.

Femi Ogedegbe who has featured in several films like Ogidan, The Cat, Issakaba 3, Desperados 1, Omo Britiko, Awodi, Ready to Die, Tears of the Ghetto takes us into the dark world of crime and the undead in the wild Yoruba thriller Orungbeja.

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