Behind the scene | 29 November 2010 07:16 CET

‘Once it’s comfortable, I’m cool’ ----Clarion Chukwurah


The only daughter of John and Christiana Chukwurah, Clarion, the Nollywood actress had her primary education at Moluka and Lady Lark Nursery Schools, and later moved to All Saints Primary School, Yaba, Lagos. Her secondary education was at Queen of our Rosary College (QRC), Onitsha, Anambra State. She proceeded to the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where she earned a certificate in dramatic arts programme (CDA). In 1997, she was at the University of Leeds for a three-week refresher course in speech. The Ada eji eje mba (the daughter that represents us far and wide), a honour bestowed on her by Actors Guild Nigeria (AGN) Anambra chapter in recognition of her contributions to the state and movie industry, tells DANIEL ANAZIA what fashion means to her.

What is fashion to you?

It is all about your personality. You may wear the most expensive accessories that are in themselves stylish, but lack the personality to pull it off. So, fashion is a synergy.

Favourite fashion piece

There is none in particular, but comfort is paramount… as long as it is comfortable, I'm cool!

Favourite designer

Calvin Klein. He has a superb dexterity with cuts.

Favourite colour

For shoes, red is it. But for the clothes: Black, Pink Rose and Silver.

Jewelry: gold, pearls, coral beads and diamond for my rings.

What is the secret of your beauty?

There's no secret, it's all from within.

Any beauty routine

No, all I do is just maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness. I shower morning and night and wash my face at intervals.

Signature perfume

Anything from the house of Kenzo.

What would you not be caught wearing any day?

Wrap-round skirt. It makes me uncomfortable and inactive.

Turn on

I like being straight forward, almost to the point of being blunt and also have a soft spot for those individuals with similar trait.

Turn off

I really cannot stand fake or superficial people/personality. It's very off-putting.

Favourite food

I can give you anything but not my seafood, can't joke with it. Anything from sea makes my day.

What makes Clarion unique?

I think my personality plays a huge role in that. I'm a very hardworking and disciplined person. I don't suffer fools, so I just adopt that in my career.

Philosophy of life

Discipline, loyalty and hard work.

If given an opportunity, what would you like changed in Nigeria?

There's so much to change, especially the current state of governance. What the British handed over to us in 1960 was a truly federal state and without that nothing will work. Nigeria is divided along ethnic lines and it is such an individualistic society because the centre is too strong and inadvertently selfish. This is not a country of one people, it's a culturally diverse nation and nothing will work unless each arm/state enjoys a certain level of autonomy.

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