Behind the scene | 10 September 2015 08:59 CET

How can a young boy with no job pay his father’s debt? (Video)

By Africanmovies

Starting a career for adolescents can be very challenging.

But when you have a responsibility to pay off a debt left behind by your father, it becomes even more challenging to get a head start.

That is the theme of a new movie currently being shot titled “Lotonna – Remember Your Father” which features the likes of Chris Attoh, Bimbo Manuel, Ireti Doyle, and a host of other stars.

Synopsis: Lotanna is a story of a young boy who discovers at an early age that he has to offset a 20 million naira debt owed to a mysterious stranger called Don Creflo, by his late father. The young character goes through a myriad of trials and challenges that stand to break him or make him; aided by an unbreakable resolve to succeed, a sonorous voice, friends, enemies and mysterious people he meets along the way.

Check out the trailer and some behind the scene pictures below:

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