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Naija babes with Big Stomach


Whenever you walk the streets of Lagos, you don't need anyone to make you notice the evil that confronts men these days, which is Ladies with big stomachs. While I may know a woman that has had a child by her tummy, shock is an understatement to describe how men feel about single ladies who have never been married and has never had babies, though maybe has had a number of abortions, since that is in vogue right now.

For me, I believe it's an indication that we have more women today that have very low self esteem, and probably battling depression in their own way. I know that is obvious by the way women throw themselves at men nowadays, but when women refuse to do something about their looks, now that becomes a very big problem. Big problem, because whether ladies believe it or not, all men, irrespective of their personality style want to scope a lady first, check out her physique, and then makes up his mind if this is the kind of lady he wants to be seen with. That is why most of my male clients ask specifically for fair, slim and pretty, although I do not believe that that Ideal always works for marriage, and men have to wake up and become more realistic, but nevertheless, no man will go for something that is as shapeless as a toad and be proud to make introduction of her to friends, not to talk of been seen with her, except her father is very, very rich, and he is sure of getting his bank account filled with dollars and pounds; courtesy of his Ms Toad.

But let's get serious; what is wrong with our Nigerian women that believe that having a protruding tummy is sexy for men? Instead of them getting involved with a health program and work on their figure, they are busy going from one religious camp to the other seeking for spiritual deliverance, believing that they are not married because of marine spirit when they are the marine spirit themselves.

My dear lady, maybe you need a balanced view about your total look. How do you know that a ladies stomach is big and shameful, and needs to do something about it as soon as possible? Well I guess when her tummy level is on the same level with her nipple or shoots out beyond her breasts. (Please note that I sympathize with women who have fibroid, and hope they get medical attention as soon as possible).

One of the things I do before matching is have the client attend date coaching classes, and one is with reference to packaging. One of the home works given is that you chose six people that will give you a candid opinion about your total outlook with suggestions as per where and what you can do to improve in certain areas. Some of my female clients who attend these classes make progress, while those who just want to meet a man at all cost, and are not ready for any extras to prepare them are still there today waiting for a prince charming that will sweep them off their feet. Whoever told them that prince charming is blind.

But after deep thoughts, I am left with the opinion that we are a people that have no respect for preparation. We hate preparing for where we are going, we just want to get there, which is why some people are really nowhere in life today, for while they believe they have arrived, just a little storm puts them in their real place. My job is not only about introducing people, but also teaching people how they can prepare themselves to meet others, and appearance plays a vital part in that. If you ladies doubt what I am saying, let's read the comments I got from some real men about women with big stomachs:

Hakeem Olatunji says: I think if every woman should look at herself in the mirror and tell herself the truth; a woman with a big belly would know that it is awkward to keep a big tummy except she is pregnant. If you are pregnant, it is gracious, it is graceful, but if you are not pregnant, what's with the big tummy. I think in this part of the world the problem with the women is discipline some don't have a good eating habit, they eat everything that comes their way, some drink a lot and at the end of the day, there is no way the woman won't end up with a pot belly and trust me a lot of men will not subscribe to women with a pot belly I think it is reserved for Yoruba men.

Muyiwa Dina says: I feel young ladies with pot belly is as a result of over indulgence, they indulge in so many things like alcohol, excessive eating and they are fond of eating junks and this tells on them by the unnecessary protruding of their tummy and by that they start adding weight but what I think they(the single women) should do is to be more disciplined by doing exercises, if not, the beauty of the ladies tends to get disfigured and they keep wearing revealing clothes with their pot belly and its very annoying. You can imagine their big tummy in T shirts and spaghetti tops. It's really an annoying sight.

Sabastien Ucheagwu says: I will like to look at ladies with big tummies from the health angle. When a woman starts having protruding tummy, it's very obvious that there is something wrong with nutrition, which is the way the person feeds. If you start consuming a lot of carbohydrates, you start developing fats, it starts from the buttocks and then it goes over to the tummy, and if the person is not careful, she may come down with chronic ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, and stuffs like that. These are indications that her feeding is not right. It could also be inherited; it could run in the family, which also takes us to the person's stature. If the person is tall and big, it may not be very obvious, though not a reason to remain that way, but if the person is small, it makes for an ugly shape, and a lot of men won't want to go for that, but I am a married man, and I don't really bother much if a lady has a big tummy or doesn't have tummy, but I am just looking at it from the health aspect, and the person in such a situation has to watch it otherwise, she will come down with a chronic ailment. Watch what you eat, do a lot of exercise etc.

Edo Udoh says: I really despise young ladies with big tummies like men. They need to do something about it. If you notice, you will realize some ladies especially during weekends jug from Aguda to the National Stadium. I believe other ladies should jug to burn out the excess fats in their bodies as well.

Oyeniran Matthew Oladele says: When I see a lady with big tummy on the street, the first question that comes to my mind is, is she sick or does she have some kind of disease? In this age when men are attracted to good shape, the first thing that comes to my mind is the lady with the big tummy is certainly not normal, or something is wrong with her. I believe it is due to the eating habit of some ladies. As an event planner, I see some of these ladies at parties and you need to see how they rush some food that they don't believe they might have the chance to eat again until another party invitation comes up for them. If the ladies with big tummies can watch their diet, I believe it will help them to maintain a good shape. These ladies must be made to realize that men are conscious of shapes and won't settle for less.

Iyke Okonji says: Ladies with big tummies is due to uncontrolled diet, and laziness. I believe this uncontrolled diet has to do with the level of poverty in the society. Since some women cannot afford to eat the right diet, they just go for anything they see. When a man sees her, he may think that she is married and pregnant, and move away from her not knowing that she has not even had any toaster for a long time not to talk of been lucky to have a man ask for her hand in marriage. As a counselor, I advise her to discipline herself, and probably start a program with a health educator.
Okay ladies, I will like to encourage you to do something about that protruding tummy. So lets get to work!

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