City Flame | 24 April 2023 19:02 CET

My Boyfriend Never Picked My Call When I Was In Prison - Blessing CEO Says In New Video

By Agboola Ibrahim

Blessing CEO, a relationship therapist, recently shared a personal experience that sheds light on a common problem faced by many individuals. Despite claiming to deeply love someone, some individuals fail to be there for them when needed the most, and move on without remorse.

Blessing CEO shared that while she was in prison, she repeatedly called her boyfriend for support, but he never picked up. This left Blessing with the impression that "love is wicked."

Blessing also responded to critics who questioned her seemingly lack of trauma or pain from her experience in prison. While some may argue that Blessing's boyfriend distanced himself because he did not want to be seen as an accomplice to her alleged offenses, this scenario still highlights the issue of individuals not being there for those they claim to love.

In relationships, it is important to not only declare love but to also show it through actions. Being there for someone during their darkest moments is a sign of true love and compassion. When individuals fail to provide support during difficult times, it can leave the other person feeling abandoned and hurt.

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