Hot Issues | 7 January 2023 19:19 CET

A 37-Year Old Nigerian Arrested And Sentenced In Scotland For Inciting A 14year old Girl To Sex

By Agboola Ibrahim

A 37-year-old Nigerian man identified as Osacpolor Jimoh has been arrested and sentenced to jail for inciting a 14 year old girl, Sophie, to sexual urge.

Osacpolor Jimoh is reported to have travelled from Scotland, his official residence to England to visit a 13 year old girl all in the name of i-want-to-surprise.

In a viral video on TikTok, Jimoh was apprehended and interogated by England security personnel. He was accused of planning to have sexual affair with Sophie, a 14 year old girl.

According to a report from Intel-Religion, Jimoh was caught in Leeds Rail Station and was found to have condoms and lollipops with him.

However, In a counter statement, Jimoh retorted that he never had such dirty agenda and his only motive was just to suprise the little Sophie for her birthday that is few days away.

After heated argument between them, security personnel leaked the secret conversations between Jimoh and the 13-year-old Sophie where the former told her to deep her finger inside herself, send her p0rnogra9hic videos of himself among others.

On the long run, Jimoh pleaded guilty to five counts, including attempting to meet child following sexual grooming, attempting to incite the little girl's sexual urge among others.

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