Hot Issues | 9 May 2016 16:15 CET

Men are Big Babies Who are Selfish- Charly Boy


Oga Charly Boy is back with another inspiring piece. This time, the men may not really like what he has said about them. We know men have ego and when one of their one called them weak, it just doesn't go well with them.

Did we tell that Charly Boy does marriage counseling? “From my marriage counselling experience, I have come to the conclusion that most men of today are the weaker sex, at least emotionally. How many of us can control our emotions that we resort to using our wives as punching bags, abusing alcohol, or other methods of lashing out because we are not emotionally strong enough to hold our cool.” He said

He continued with his explanation “A lot of us can't keep up with both working a full time job and managing a household, raising children to the extent that women do every day. I know some of you would say, that's not a man's department.I have come to the conclusion that we need women more than the women need us. If not for our money or our sperm, women really have no real need for us.”

Charly Boy then hit the nail hard “Men are big babies because they always want everything to be about them and the women know this and know how to massage/manipulate our ego. Most men can't really control their sexual urge, that's why some of us can have sex even with our housemaids or anything in skirts.

Male death rates are greater than comparable to female rates for almost all major causes of death. Men die younger from heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung diseases, infections. Men are also much more likely to commit suicide than women and have a greater chance of being murdered or dying in an accident. Abegi, this is just my take. How Una see this matter, because heavy wahala dey ground o!!!!!!”

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