Hot Issues | 5 December 2022 12:23 CET

“..After Cheating Give Him Good Sex And Food" Ghanaian Marriage Counselor Gives Reasons

By Agboola Ibrahim

Ghanaian famous marriage counsellor and evangelist, Charlotte Oduro has educated listeners and a Radio host about the need for wife or woman to treat husband like human after extramarital affairs.

As a guest on Accra-based Okay FM with host Abieku Santana, Counsellor Charlotte Oduro said people should endeavor to be considerate to their fellow humans and not be quick to judge them.

Although, she agreed that fornication is an uncalled-for exercise, yet, men should be treated as human and be listened to because they may have their reason for such act.

“When your husband returns home from cheating, let him settle, give him good sex and food. It's not right for anyone to cheat. Yes, it is wrong but we have all done wrong so we should be human. Let’s think thoroughly before we judge. It's not right to do it but let’s give people a listening ear. After paying attention and listening, you can detect whether their actions were as a result of a mistake, or it was deliberate,” she detailed.

She, however, advised women against settling down with men who have shown signs of womanizing at the early stages of courtship.

“There are some instances where it wasn’t intentional. But if you knew he was a womanizer and you went ahead to marry him, then be ready to go through everything that comes with it.”

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