General News | 3 September 2022 00:06 CET

"I Never Knew I Would Be A Fake Housemate":Modella

By Agboola Ibrahim

BBN Season 7 recently evicted housemate reveals how she was in a dilemma when she was informed that she will be a fake housemate.

According to her, she was informed some hours before the show. And she was not able to quickly understand what her role should be as a fake housemate before she is evicted since she can not be after the grand prize.

Modella says, 'They auditioned everybody, and before you go into the house, they will tell you what you will be on the show.

'I was getting ready that morning, I had stayed in lockdown for two extra weeks, and I was already depressed. I got a call from them that they want to have a private session with me.

'They informed me I won’t be playing for the money, and I had to make my decision now. Having spent so much and I was prepared, I made the decision.

'I didn’t know prior to now. I didn’t even know the role of a fake housemate. They just told me that morning, and I didn’t have enough time to process everything. I just decided to go to the house and be myself.'

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