Hot Issues | 3 September 2022 00:06 CET

Daniela Seeks To Discharge Dotun As Khalid Still Rules Her

By Agboola Ibrahim

Daniela has expressed dissatisfaction over her relationship with Dotun. Despite the eviction of Khalid, Daniela expresses unfading affection to him.

In Daniela her Diary Room session, she opened out to Biggie that she was wrong to have extended her relationship with Dotun. Instead she should have retained her feelings for Khalid

Daniella further expressed that she wished she had established boundaries with Dotun earlier. From now on, she plans to enforce it by keeping her distance, and in the HoH Room, she intends to start sleeping in opposite directions.

After her Diary session, Daniella got emotional and shared a moment with Dotun, who tried to comfort her, but she was still worried about her choice, so when the Pool Party ended, she moved on to seek advice from her close friend, Allysyn. While with Allysyn, she stated that she only accepted Dotun's offer to stay in as the Head of House room because it was meant to come with Immunity, and now that it didn't, she regrets her choice.

Allysyn offered a listening ear and encouraged Daniella by telling her that she will back whatever choice Daniella planned to make. Daniella's heart still craved Khalid, and she intends to reduce her interactions with Dotun in hopes that Khalid sees the effort.

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