Fashion | 8 March 2021 17:33 CET

Christine's Atelier: The Unveiling, in Celebration of International Women's Day

By Mo AfricaPR

Renowned Millinery of Nigerian descent, Christine’s Atelier is celebrating International Women’s Day by unveiling unique headpieces inspired by women from around the globe.

The striking simple yet powerful and structural designs with bold colours offer endless possibilities for every ensemble, providing varying options for today's woman. These carefully handcrafted pieces were created to evoke sisterhood, support women empowerment and place the spotlight on women’s rights and equality.

The difference in the pieces, symbolizes our differences, the colourful life of our beautiful minds; fearless, relentless, virtuous, calm, bold and beautiful.

Christine’s Atelier creative director also wants women to use IWD as an opportunity to reflect as she shares these words, “We rise by choosing to love, to be tolerant, to be kind, to celebrate our differences and lift eachother up.

We don't have to have the same ideologies but we have to learn to coexist with our differences.

Together, we are world changers, stronger, wiser, bolder, bigger and better together.”

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