General News | 14 July 2020 19:14 CET

Sethoo Gh discloses convid19 as a threat to business and music

By Nollywood Gists

The international hip-hop Super star "Sethoo Gh" who’s an influential hip-hop artist and songwriter has indicated the unpleasant smell coronavirus has negatively and tragically impacted on the music industry worldwide. The celebrated hip-hop artist and songwriter "Sethoo Gh" disclosed to the world’s media and entertainment zones in UK, Africa and worldwide on how coronavirus has created a volatile environment for artists, musicians, songwriters and producers globally

He disclosed the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic on the music industry is loudly heard hence world’s most prestigious festivals are eventually postponing their 2020 editions and celebrations. The international hip-hop Super star Sethoo Gh, therefore, indicated that the religions including Christianity, Islamic, traditionalist etc must pray to God for the cure of this convid19 pandemic and therefore urged musicians, actors, producers and the music industries to enormously pray to God to avoid all these misfortunes the coronavirus is negatively impacting on our music industries and businesses globally

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