City Flame | 12 September 2018 09:37 CET

Actress, Beverly Osu in Trouble over Catholic Outfit 

Nollywood actress, Beverly Osu, is known to not just be an actress but a model, who is ready to tell stories with everything around her but her stories might not be appreciated by all.

The actress recently left some people talking when she shared photos of her dressed in the Catholic Sister’s outfit while smoking.

Many have pointed out that if she were a Muslim, she wouldn’t dare try such thereby debasing the essence of the religion.

While some see the ugly side of the photo, some still believe that there is nothing wrong in her dressing and smoking in the outfit as she is passing a strong message.

But considering the part of the world we come from there is need to always respect other people’s beliefs and not go against it as it could stir unhealthy rivalry in the country.

Read some comments below;
“I get the whole message in this pictures.....very powerful. But them no born you well to use hijab pass this message are done for be that.”

“What does ur mom think about dis picture n what do you think about dis picture.”

“And so you CHOISE the Catholic sister's hood for your cover? Debasing the significance of this symbol of purity and Chasity by smoking while on ut? Well-done”

“Why do you people have to do this every single time??. It’s clearly not our business but you still decided to drag the hijab into this. Tell me exactly what your problem is!!”

“You missed the point completely, this is a Saint and sinner shoot obviously and not a bash or play on Christianity.”

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