General News | 7 May 2018 18:03 CET

Police Officer, Dolapo Badmus Reveals what she Caught her Hubby doing

There is nothing that gives a woman joy than seeing her hubby showing her the needed caring and understanding she deserves even without saying it.

One of the married couples in Nigeria, celebrity Police officer, Dolapo Badmus, could not hide her joy or her husband as she took to social media to reveal how caring he is.

She disclosed that she got back from work late and slept off forgetting to wake early to prepare food for the family only to meet her hubby in the kitchen doing that already.

“So I worked too tiredly a night before, slept like 3am and he came to check me out in the morning, he said "the way you were sleeping indicated you were very tired, I don't want to disturb your sleep and I was very hungry so I went to the kitchen to look for the fastest thing to cook" I caught him in the kitchen doing this after I suddenly woke up and realized that I'm late to get him and the kids something to eat! Oh mine this is couple's goal. Husbands!!! Nothing stops you from helping your wives if necessary! My honey thanks for taking the bold step, even though I have to come and finish up before you pour hot oil on your body. But I cherish your mindset of "Let her rest, she deserves it" my forever crush! My number 1 fan! My daddyyo. I will love you forever, you deserve a billion accolade because you are my Assurance #everyintendingsidechiccatchfire ,” she disclosed.

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