Hot Issues | 25 September 2017 17:23 CET

Instagram is a Market Place not Where to Share your Emotional Problems…Swanky Jerry Warns

Popular celebrity fashion designer, Jeremiah Ogbodo better known as Swanky Jerry, has come out to let his fans and users of popular social media, Instagram to know that it is just a market place.

He stated that IG is a market place where everyone is selling their product to people across the world but many have turned it to a place where they bring their family and emotional problem to.

According to him, “People need to realize that Instagram is a MARKET place where everyone is selling their products to people across the world So when you bring your family, emotional or personal issues on here you seem MAD . It's like going to the market and shouting "I have a problem" Everyone there thinks you are MAD and nobody really cares because that's not the purpose of a market place .if you really need help call your family and friends speak to them about your situation get help from the people who genuinely love you .Because the people in the market will only make a joke of your situation and move on to the next person MAD in the market place . keep your private life out of social media.....Sell what you need to sell get your cash and bounce.

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