Hot Issues | 25 February 2017 08:53 CET

Pastors Judging Tattoos are Guilty of Shaving their Beards…Daddy Freeze

Hmm, for some time now, popular Lagos base on-air-personality, Daddy Freeze, has been in news for lots of reasons on issues bothering the mind as he keeps airing his views about some things.

Of recent, he has been on the neck of some Pastors in the country with the kind of doctrine they pass to their congregation while they live another kind of life outside the church.

This time, he spoke about tattoo as he claimed that Pastors tend to criticize or judge people that have it on their body forgetting that they also are guilty of shaving their beards which is also in the same Bible they carry.

Venting his anger out while speaking with HIPTV, he said, “I hate to say this but it’s just my Nigerian Pastors you tell your congregation that they will go to hell if you have a tattoo because the Bible says in Leviticus 19:28 that if you have a tattoo you will go to hell or its wrong forgetting that Leviticus 28:19-27 says if you trim your beard is as bad as having a tattoo and you see a clean shaven Pastor judging somebody that has a tattoo forgetting that both of you are breaking Biblical laws so if you want to do the law, do the full thing let’s not do things that favour us or the industry.”

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