Behind the scene | 14 November 2016 11:57 CET

Clarence Peters Blast Headies Organizers

Popular music video director, Clarence Peters, is always on the gentle side and in fact, he is a shy fellow that is rarely seen in public but anger has made him speak out for once.

Clarence was recently nominated in the category of video directors in the upcoming Headies award but rather than jubilate about it, he is angry that other directors are not being recognized.

He pointed out that instead of the organizers to recognized outstanding works they chose to neglect it but stressed that no matter what, they as music video directors make the difference in the society.

According to him, “In a year when these men gave us some of the most amazing visual interpretations, mainly: Dare's "Pray for me" by mexemania & Kiss Daniels' "Jombo" by ajefilmswork works, respectfully, it breaks my heart that the headies don't deem it feet to recognize their outstanding work. To my brothers, from Dir Q, to adasacookey to Frizzle&Bizzle, from Gambit to LA, from Matt Max to Avalon to TOSIN IGHO, SESAN to MOE to MEJI etc. We know what we put in, awards don't define us, WE DEFINE POPULAR CULTURE not just in Nigeria, but across the continent, so I salute you all.”

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