In The Closet | 3 November 2016 18:03 CET

When I plan to Bleach Again, I will Tell the World…Maheeda

Conroversial singer, Maheeda, can’t stop taking many by surprise with her way of life but she seems to have changed a bit though many are still wondering how long it will take.

She started by revealing to her fans that she wa going to stop bleaching her skin which she did and her skin turned dark but her latest pictures seems to have sold her out as she now looks tonned.

While questions continue to pop up about her skin again, she has decided to clear the air that she is not that dark skin fellow as many think she is as she noted that when she plans to bleach her skin, she will tell the world.

“my color is settling, I wasn't too dark I'm a light chocolate skin lady huh? The other pictures is just because I just stopped so the melanin came with full force. Thanks for caring, when I ever bleach again, I will say it first huh,” she wrote.

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