General News | 23 April 2024 12:14 CET

“Man Of The Year" - Pretty Mike Crowns Portable

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian socialite and businessman, Pretty Mike has announced that controversial singer, Habeeb Okikiola, fondly called, Portable as the “Man of the year."

Pretty Mike took to his Instagram page to reveal that Portable is a special person as his ability to provide for his large family, despite not being educated. He also revealed that Portable is singlehandedly taking care of his family, unlike other men who would want their wives to share in their responsibilities.

The socialite further revealed that he is not a supporter of polygamy, but he is trying to make known the reason why women still go ahead to marry Portable, despite his appearance and inability to speak good english. He then described Portable as the “Man of the year."

He said;
“I see many people insult Portable; they say he is too loud, he looks dirty he needs to go for full body scrub, they wonder what those women are doing with him bla bla bla.

The fact is that a responsible man who provides for his family will always be attractive to women. If you like be the finest, cleanest guy with a mad stroke game if you are a deadbeat Portable will collect your babe and impregnate her.

Portable is probably paying house rent, school fees, food, and taking care of 3 children. You are still asking your wife to bring half of the house rent and other bills and you are insulting Portable. Portable is not your mate o.

I am not promoting polygamy before all of you say “Ashawo don drop quote”. I am just explaining the mystery behind why many women would rather be with a man like Portable and you with your Queen’s English cannot find a woman to stay with you.

May you hug this common sense in Jesus’ name”.

“Man of the Year.”

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