Nollywood On Fire | 1 September 2015 13:43 CET

Emem Isong Blasts Actors Charging High Fees

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

It seems renowned Nollywood filmmaker, Emem Isong is not happy with the way some actors charge to participate in a film production.

It is no news that filmmakers in Nigeria are battling with pirates, who reap from where they never sowed, which is killing the movie industry in Nigeria.

Emem expressed her anger over this issue and sarcastically warned actors asking for half of her production budget to stay off her environment.

“Actors who think I should pay them half the budget for my film just because you have acted in one or two films? All I will say is 'Gerrara hia'! In Ibibio, 'ka ke tie k'isong',” the newlywed filmmaker said without mentioning names.

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