Nollywood Glamour | 3 July 2016 23:51 CET

My Parents are Ashamed of My Music Video-Princess Vitarah


Us based-Nigerian rapper, Princess Vitarah came to limelight with a provocative single 'Nigerian pussy' early this year. It was so uncensored that her family have asked her to delete the video of the song. She has been accused of being into ladies but she is denying it.

She said 'Growing up for me was difficult because I always knew that I wanted to do music but a lot of people tried to discourage me. Everyone would say 'Oh you have to stay in school and become a nurse or doctor' but I knew from a young age that wasn't the pathway for me. So it was hard for me while growing up because I wanted to be a rapper and this is not usually acceptable in a Nigerian household.'

Her parents are not her best fans 'My parents are not a huge fan of the song. When it first came out everyone in my family begged me to delete the video. But I think they understand now that I am an artist and that I have to be creative in order to stand out.'

She denies been into women 'No I am not a lesbian. I sang the song from the experience of my own assets and from what I hear other people say. Everyone knows Naija kitty is the tightest. It is no secret.'


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