Nollywood On Fire | 1 August 2015 05:46 CET

Jim Iyke Set to Make Trouble in Lagos Over Debt

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, is not ready to take things likely with his debtors especially now that he needs money to pump into his water business which has been making him travel round countries.

The actor recently announced that he is on his way to Lagos to make trouble with someone who owes him money for a long time.

Jim Iyke who has skills in martial arts, disclosed that his debtor thinks he has retired from it as he urged him that he is ready to collect his money in full and not bit.

According to him, “Lagos bound. Nigga you better have my money. You know you. Niggaz think I'm retired hmm. Zero tolerance. Nigga better ask somebody, no nonsense pursuits. Paid in full.”

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