Nollywood Affairs | 23 December 2015 21:59 CET

I Don't Feel Like Married Woman—IK Ogbonna's Wife

Source: Mary Jane Eze/

For a while now, hot pictures of Sonia Morales, the Colombian wife of Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, have been trending online.

The two lovers got married some months ago and have also welcomed their son, Ace.

While some of her fans complain of compromising photographs she puts on the internet, her husband seems not bothered about people's comments.

A while ago, Sonia gushed about her marriage, revealing she does not actually feel like a married woman.

"Can you imagine, we are actually married, since two opposite parts of the world, and God still made us find each other in such a smooth and easy way; like it's a piece of cake. I guess what's meant to be will always be, no matter the circumstances.

“Sometimes, I have to remind myself that we are actually a husband and wife because most of the time, It feels like two stubborn naughty mumu kids living together and looking for a trouble and marriage on the other hand, sounds like such a serious matter. Our kolomentalities on point, we flexing though," she wrote.

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