Celeb law court | 7 August 2015 19:36 CET

Alex Ekubo To Sue Airline For Delay Departure

Source: Titilope Adeuja/Nigerifilms.com

The aviation industry has been described as one of the sectors that needs to be revamped after the poor services and products that air commuters complain about every time.

Some months ago, a Nigerian actress had complained about hours of delay at the airport because an airplane that she was supposed to board was not available. She had said the airline officials did not bat an eyelid to explain the reason for the delay.

Now, new generation actor, Alex Ekubo, has expressed his disgust at another airline after been stranded at the airport. He said that the pent up emotions will make him take legal actions against the organisation.

He said the initial time for departure was 11am and as at 3pm, the flight was yet to take off. He said he was going to sue the particular airline so that other airline can sit up as people pay for services they are expected to receive.

He said, "(I) Need to sue an airline in this my beloved country so the rest can sit up. An 11am flight rescheduled to 1:15pm; its 3pm still no boarding yet. If I had left Lagos on a donkey by 6am, by now I should already be in Port Harcourt!"

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