Headlines | 14 January 2015 12:32 CET

Our Religious Leaders, Politicians Have Failed Us—Lami Phillips

Situations in Nigeria have got to the extent that its citizens are now fed up and from their different tunes, a positive change is all what they yearn for.

Ahead of the February 2015 polls in the country, some people have started envisaging what the process will look like.

For Lami Phillips, a singer in Nigeria, there is the need for Nigerians, especially the youths, to speak up and ensure things are done right in the country.

She also said religious leaders and politicians have failed the people. The artiste was reacting to the massacre of over 2000 persons in Baga, Borno State over the weekend.

“I don't know about you but I am officially fed up of news like this not shocking me. I realised this morning that when I read up on it I had no hope in our current configuration of leaders. I am not even isolating anyone; governors, ministers, Imams, Pastors, humans.

“My expectations are humble; if we can't stop it in our strength, can we at least speak out? I'm confused. Is it now ok? Mmmmh, shall we wait till they come to Lagos? I am not speaking politics here, I'm speaking 'human'.

“Can other countries help us? United Nations? Somebody speak. It is enough!!!!! The Chibok girls are not back o! Today all media should focus on this. This isn't the day for loud jokes on your twitter page or twerk videos. Let's please be conscious. What Nigeria do we want our kids to grow up in? I repeat, this isn't politics.

“If each of us can reach one person and say #enough IS enough #stop the killing #Nigerian Lives Matter maybe the world will hear us. And please let nobody send me a message warning me to be quiet. I have no judgment towards anyone in politics.. I simply am asking that we all give a sincere damn,” she said.

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