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Day Yoruba Actor Yomi Fash-Lanso Escaped Fans’ Wrath for Refusing to Sign Autographs

By Ruth Olurounbi

Yoruba actor, YomiFash Lanso, was nearly mobbed by his fans at D'Rovans Hotel in Ibadan area on Thursday afternoon.

Eye witness accounts had it that Fash-Lanso, in company with one of his colleagues at a fashion school in the area, was sighted by few students of the school and asked him and his colleague for autographs, but he bluntly refused their requests despite all pleas.

According to witnesses, his colleague complied while Fash-Lanso did not, prompting the school's proprietor to appeal to him to give the students his autograph.

To the students, proprietor and passers-bye's amazement, the actor declined to sign any autograph, saying he would not give his autograph.

Within the twinkle of an eye, amazement turned into fury as the fans nearly mobbed him, calling him names.

One of the witnesses said that the actor's reaction did not surprise him as he had heard from many that the actor was an arrogant person.

“I have always heard that YomiFash-Lanso is arrogant but I did not believe it until now. I used to like him, but with that display he showed, he's really a …”

Another quipped that; “I don't understand why people would want an autograph from him. The guy is too full of himself and it's not as if he acts that well. We have seen the likes of Oga Bello, Ogogo, Yinka Quadri and Funsho Adeolu come personally down to greet us and sign autographs for us here. It is a shame that an actor would display this kind of pride and arrogance to his fans. Doesn't he know that without his fans, he is nothing?”

It took the intervention of the school proprietor, the actor's colleague and some other people in the vicinity to prevail upon the fans who had made up their minds to deal with him.

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