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How Ladies Can Hold On Till Their Wedding Night— Nikki Laoye


Nikki Laoye recently granted an interview to Vine Magazine and she dropped what many have come to consider “bombshells,” albeit good ones. Plus, she took time to explain how ladies can hold on till their wedding night if they want to.

“This issue caused a lot of noise on the Internet, because a lot of people carried it with sarcasm. Some people thought I was trying to feel holier-than-thou. The truth is that it was part of my project. If I was really going to be a model to people, I had to let it show in my life. I can boldly stand to tell someone now that ''you can wait till you are married'. I'm not telling them that 'you will not have temptations'. You will, [because] we are human beings, we have feelings. You will want to be kissed and touched but the truth is that we can control it, we are not animals.

S3x is a huge responsibility, especially for the woman. Understand that you are a s3xual being, you have passion. It's good, it's great, but keep it. Ever since I was young I had always told God that I was going to keep myself till my marriage. It's just a good thing and it's a good thing to give your husband. He will know that you are just for him.

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