Hot Issues | 10 March 2023 17:47 CET

Man Removes Wife's Teeth After Discovering That He Is Not The Biological Father Of His Children

By Agboola Ibrahim

In trending news on social media, a UK-based Nigerian man is said to have injured his wife's set of teeth because he discovered that his supposed three children were not his.

The United Kingdom-based Nigerian man according to a report recently checked how his family in Nigeria is faring, but to his disappointment, he encounters a heartbreaking phenomenon.

Besides, he returned to Nigeria to make adequate arrangements for his family to join him overseas. In the course of the preparations, the British embassy requested proof of blood ties.

The man happily took the kids to the hospital to conduct a paternity test without any worries.

Unfortunately, the DNA result proved that all three children do not belong to him and this left him devastated.

The social media user who shared the story said that when he got home, he beat his wife mercilessly and ended up removing three of her lower teeth.

The violent photos showed blood gushing out of the woman’s head and the frontal part of her mouth wide open with teeth missing.

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