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Nigerian Pastors & Christianity, Plunging The Nation Into Total Destruction?

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I always wonder how Nigerian pastors have turned themselves into sacred cows or a demi-gods that should not be touched all because of a part of the Scripture that says 'touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.'

I ask myself, does that mean that even if a pastor is caught doing wrong, he should not be castigated because he is a man of God? Then, who now is 'man of Devil'?

The Europeans brought Christianity to us but we have become masters of the religion more than the original owners. Do you call that excellence? The recent controversies surrounding two men of God lately really baffled me and made get scared for their tamed members, who still follow them blindly.

One thing pastors quickly work on their members is the mind. Once they capture that, the rest is history. It is like 'seek first the (gullible) mind of the people and every other thing shall be added to it'. At that point, they can twist the Bible to suit themselves and made the members do their wishes. Or, how do you imagine people still throng a church after its leader beats members with the cane? How do you explain the massive turn out to a church in Lagos after human parts were allegedly found in the pastor's premises shortly after he died?

In every corners of Lagos, you find churches, yet, we are not better people than the destroyed people of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Holy Book. I know of a small street in Ilasa area of Lagos where there are 12 churches on it. It is only in Nigeria you have more churches than shops and stores.

The problem of Nigeria is mainly our religious leaders, which I will limit to Christian leaders because that's my faith. Politicians confidently steal our money because they know our pastors will fast and pray for them and even beg God on their behalf (politicians) to build a shield around them so that our curses won't affect them.

They only come to the altar to castigate politicians but praise them behind after hands must have rubbed hands. Some who openly castigate them will still go behind to get a chunk of the national cake. People Deceiving Pastors?

One thing our pastors have failed to understand is that they are not Elijah, Elisha and others of old, who the 'touch not my anointed passage was made for. These people, in their time, boldly told political leaders to their faces the real truth. How many of our pastors can boldly tell our politicians of today that 'thus says the Lord, ....' and they (politicians) tremble?

With the way things are going religiously in Nigeria, I doubt if we are not heading to destruction as a nation. And if such happens, our pastors should be held responsible for it. Pastors are stealing our money with the help of politicians, pastors are having carnal knowledge with both male and female members and twisting their minds to hide under the act. What a shame! Well, God is watching. I just hope the people of Sodom and Gomorrah won't petition God for destroying them and leaving Nigeria to continue this way.

Pastors tell members to store their treasures in heaven, while they (pastors) go about buying expensive cars, houses and properties. Hmm, Fela already said it some years ago.

I wish to write more, but will pause for now. I await when the religious revolution will happen in Nigeria.

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