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I Dont Want To Be Remembered As A Cover Page Celebrity – Eucharia Anunobi

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Eucharia Anunobi Ekwu recently disclosed about why nothing is being heard about her of late. In an interview asked by one of her fans on her social media network where she was asked why she's not been visible unlike before and she sharply responded her reasons.

Hear her, “ I actually thought about the best way to handle the question, so as not to sound proud or immodest, and these were my honest answers. Thanks for looking out for me, but let me state categorically, that I Eucharia Anunobi, now Evangelist, have moved from the things don't matter, to the thing that matters more, which is the work of my Father, who created me and made me an instant star, when I least expected it in my life. I would never want to be remembered as someone who graced all the front pages of all the Newspapers and News Magazines in the world and did not contribute to the leading of people towards heaven.”

And on her new job, she said “of a truth, you will agree with me that the job that will be rewarded by God Himself is that of Soul-Winning, so, why waste my fame, money, life, face, time, speaking ability to do the things that will never be rewarded? I would never wish to be remembered as one lady who covered or graced all the front-pages, or a fashionista, or a fashion icon, or one with the best gown at the red carpet event, designed and clothed by the best hands in the world, with the best hair-style or make-up. Surely, these things are good and beautiful, but they will never earn anyone a single mark before the presence of God.”

Many were not shocked by her oratory ability, the actress and now evangelist is sure an embodiment of talent, reasons God has prepared to use her as a tool.

She has this to say about herself, “the content of my character and my contributions to humanity through the preaching of God's Word (for which I was originally created for) are what I wish to speak for me when my accounts and records are opened in heaven. And I would love to hear that sweet word from the throne of grace saying, welcome my faithful servant, enter into the rest prepared for you. Then, my joy will be full while others continue to relish the pleasures of this world.

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