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The Beautiful, the Ugly and the Weird At Uche Jombo's Movie Premiere [PICTURES]

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Red carpet Fashion is always an important aspect of any event, anywhere in the world. Celebrities come out in throngs from whichever hiding places they keep themselves secluded from us common mortals and they rival with each other in their display of elegance and creativity. Or so they think.

They can usually be classified in 3 broad categories: the Beautiful, the Ugly and the Weird.

The My Life My Damage Premiere held at Ozone cinemas on March 2nd in Lagos by Mrs Kenny Rodriguez a. k. a. Uche Jombo was no exception to the golden rule.

Without a fuss, Uche Jombo and Monalisa Chinda were elegant and sober in their perfect black dresses. Hands down Stephanie Linus, Tonto Dikeh, Ibinabo Fiberesima and Chioma Chukwuka kept it simple and right.

At the opposite of that spectrum was bad taste and cluelessness. Klint de Drunk ruined the group photo and of all people he had to stand next to the ever gracious Mrs Linus, brother please! He forgot to wear socks, comb his hair and shave his bushy beard. It's one thing to look a slob while playing his trademark drunk character, it's another one altogether to ruin a group photo by standing next to one of the most beautiful women in Nollywood.

A special bad mention to former Queen of elegance Rita Dominic who looked just bland in a shapeless beige gown that did nothing for her but expose her weight gain.

Rukky Sanda showed up in a lingerie see-through robe that makes you question what she was busy doing just before showing up at the ceremony.

Now to the interesting part.

Desmond Elliot singlehandedly stole the show in the ugly category. Here is a man who continuously gloats about his own self being a legend. Legend, huh? Okay, Mr Legend, how do you explain showing up at a premiere ceremony in a jacket that can't contain your stomach and sporting hair like a bird's nest on a rainy day? Let's not even address the bloated face and the general poor health condition Mr Legend puts on display every chance he has for way too long now.

The person who collected money from Desmond Elliot to fix them dreads should return it immediately. The legend got ripped off, them locks are greyish and ashy. Desmond Elliot should pay the tailor who sewed that suit a second time as an apology for killing it. It's pretty obvious Mrs Elliot was not around when the Legend was leaving the house to head to the Ozone cinemas. Which woman in her right mind would let her husband leave the house in a suit that's two sizes too small?

Last but not least, everyone finally got to see the mysterious Mr Kenny Rodriguez who got tongues wagging throughout the republic ever since he married the Nollywood Crown Princess. Uche Jombo kept her matrimony under such a shroud of secrecy that most of us thoughtKenny Rodriguez didn't even exist.

The couple went out of their way to display obvious marks of attention towards each other to make a clear point that they are married and belong together. Something about them seemed a bit off, though.

That's a wrap, folks, get behind your keyboards and sound off.

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Stephanie Linus
Tonto Dikeh
Ibinabo Fiberesima
Chioma Chukwuka
Uche Jombo
Monalisa Chinda
L-R: Kenny Rodriguez,Mrs Kenny Rodriguez, Stephanie Linus and Klint de Drunk
Rita Dominic
Rukky Sanda
Desmond Elliot
Kenny Rodriguez

Klint de Drunk

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