Nollywood Fashion Police | 10 April 2010 00:26 CET

Nollywood Fashion Police help! help!! help!!!

By Alayande Dayo
I'm a birdie !

I'm a birdie !

Nollywood Fashion Police help! help!! help!!!

But when we saw THAT…
Check out Mumma Gee's ' I am Sasha Fierce' Face…
Daisy's cross is distracting and takes away from the outfit, which is simple and elegant. Plus she could do with more makeup and maybe lose that black resin bracelet
I can see the dress' underslip. Not working
I would be angry too if I showed up at an event in a too tight jumpsuit that has turn-ups. Turn-ups!
Kenny St. Brown's outfit defies basic dress sense
LC's dress, for the most part, is nice; the cut-outs though, remind me of Frank Nero's hat...
Let's look at the full length version...seems Halloween came late
The back isn't doing girlfriend any favours either
Or maybe she was coming for Mona Lisa Chinda
Ooh, li'l ole me!Why
The (Almost) Good, The Not Better and The Polyester
This lady is just the coolest person I've seen manning a camera
Two thumbs up!
When your makeup is trowelled on, then we have a problem.

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