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EXCLUSIVE: Taiwo Aromokun's Marriage In Fresh Trouble **Hubby Has 2 Kids In Holland **Has No Dutch Papers After Over 13 Years In Holland

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Some weeks ago, news filtered everywhere that Yoruba actress, Taiwo Aromokun was secretly married in London to a London-based lover, Olayemi Abimbola popularly called 'Ogun Re' by many in Holland.

Soon after the wedding to 'Ogun Re', the actress took a swipe on Nigerian men living in Nigeria claiming that all they (Nigerian men living in Nigeria) know how to do is to use and dump 'celebrities' like her. She then reportedly stated that it now became necessary for 'them (celebs)' to go for guys based abroad.

Thorough investigations carried out by on Taiwo Aromokun's husband, Ogun Re revealed some shocking secrets.

According to our source in London, 'Ogun Re', Taiwo Aromukun's hubby, had been in Holland for over 13 years. We learnt that he has no legitimate job he does over there. What he does for a living is known to us now, but we would reveal that soonest as that is another big story to watch out for.

'Ogun Re', reliable sources maintained, has two kids he had from a Surinam woman in Holland. Suriname is a Dutch colonised region. What we can authoritatively inform you is that the Surinam woman, as at the moment, doesn't know that Ogun Re is now married to Taiwo Aromokun, the popular Yoruba actress in Nigeria.

His first child, a son, is well over six years old now. Few years ago, when he clocked one, 'Ogun Re' staged an elaborate birthday bash for him in Holland. It was Pasuma Alabi, the Fuji musician, that thrilled the guests that day.

About few years ago, after living in Holland without legitimate papers, and hiding from the Dutch authorities by escaping deportation, he was finally granted amnesty or what is commonly called pardon by the Dutch authorities to stay in Holland when the government pardoned some illegal immigrants who have lived in Holland for over 10 years, a category he fell into.

The Dutch government gave political asylum seekers and others, who could prove to have been in the Netherlands on or before April 1, 2001, an amnesty. But that didn't give him a Dutch citizenship passport.

But with the pardon he presently has, 'Ogun Re' cannot enjoy full benefits of a citizen or a holder of a Dutch passport, but he can only live in Holland without hiding from the authorities like he used to.

On his reported wedding in London, can authoritatively tell you that 'Ogun Re' can never legitimately enter London or the UK because of his papers (his pardon by Dutch authorities) doesn't permit him to legitimately enter the UK, but he can enter Schengen countries legitimately. To enter London, he would need to apply for a visa with prove of a legitimate job or a social benefit.

Sources in London sworn to us that the wedding didn't take place in London as reported by the Nigerian media, unless he illegally sneaked in, which might put him into trouble.

"I can tell you that Ogun Re can never do that wedding here in London. He wan thief am (pigin English)?" our source asked.

As it is now, our source informed us that Taiwo Aromokun cannot join her 'husband', 'Ogun Re', in Holland just as 'Ogun Re' may not also relocate to Nigeria to live with Taiwo Aromokun because of two things 1. his babymama and kids in Holland and 2. he may not be able to live like a guy that has spent over 15 years abroad because he would be expected to live like a rich guy in Nigeria.

We promise to bring more shocking secrets, especially on what Ogun Re does for a living in our next report.

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