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Hot, Sexy Nigerian Female Celebrities Men Are Dying To Date

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According to what Pearl Weekly Magazine published in this week's edition of their paper; all over the world, women are always sexually attracted to men; both rich and others, who have lustful wish for them. For female beauties, being celebrities expose them to rich men who have no other desire than to make them warm their beds.

One attracting factor that may attract these female celebs to men may be the fact that they are sexy and do everything possible to keep themselves very attractive to these men.

In this edition, we are taking a look at some top female celebrities many men wish to sleep with, their marital status notwithstanding. Some of these celebrities know and are aware of this fact.

Mercy Johnson
Mercy Johnson's mermaid-like figure is one thing that drives many men crazy and make them want to sleep with at any cost. She has a perfectly shaped backside and moderately endowed 'twin tower' at her front side. All these cause trouble between legs of men. Little wonder many men scuffle to have her warm their beds.
Laide Bakare
This University of Ibadan (UI) graduate is also on the list of top female celebrities many men want to 'go down below' with. Her light skinned complexion also serves as catalyst for men jostling to have her lubricate their 'sticks'. Her large but sexy and inviting laps is surely things many men cannot resist when sighted or looked at. Laide Bakare's sexy look is also a very powerful tool that can make an impotent man have erection. She is simply a Viagra to her male admirers who see her as a sex goddess.
Ini Edo
If Ini Edo's name is not in this list, we might surely be prosecuted for conspiracy of the highest order. It is a general believe that women from her Cross River/Akwa Ibom region are one of the best 'bed gymnasts' in Nigeria. It is also believed that they rock men on bed and not the other way round. Some have also stressed that even with performance enhancing drugs, people from Ini Edo's region still win their 'matches both home and away'. This is one of the reasons why many men are dying to have a taste of Ini Edo. Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain, Ini Edo, though married, is still turning the brains of many men because beautiful sexuality.
Chika Ike
After her crashed marriage to Delta State-born businessman, many men have been fighting hard to have Chika Ike for keeps. With an average height, sexy, beautiful and light skinned, Chika is another female celebrities some men would do anything to have a 'war' on bed with. Her firmly packed 'oranges' set men ablaze with sexual imagination. To many men, she is a good sex symbol.
This Beat FM On Air Personality is unarguably one of the perfectly endowed and figure 8 shaped Nigeria's female celebrities living. What she gathered at her backside is richer than 'Bakassi land' in terms of 'imagined resources'. Little wonder the 'ICJ' might not be able to settle that dispute among men jostling to 'get there'. Though she is not too blessed in front, God has compensated her at the back. Born Tolu Oniru, but well known as Toolz, she makes many men go mad with what she is blessed with at her backside. Many men have most times imagined and made mental strategies on how they will handle the backside from behind if God grants their wish in getting her. You wonder why this, we will say that Toolz' backside has stolen the hearts many fathers and husbands, boyfriends and fiancés. If other girls are jealous, they have a good reason.
Omotola Ekeinde Jalade
Even after producing four children as a faithful wife, Omotola is still hot and sexy. She also tops female celebs some high class society men want to have a taste of. With age still on her side at 34, and a loving husband who 'flogs' her hard most nights, her die-hard male fans still want her by all means.
Omosexy, as she is also fondly called, is on the wanted list of hot and sexy female celebrities because she is naturally a seductress any day.
One fan told Pearl Weekly he can pay N5m for Omosexy to spend just one night with him and that he can even send away his loyal wife of decades if she decides to marry him.
Tiwa Savage
Though not too facially beautiful, but her 'lepa' status has qualified her being called hot and sexy. Tiwa Savage has also tried to make sure she looks very sexy and attractive. This may have brought about her being wanted by many men. Both her back and front sides are not big enough, but her body structure is what drives many men crazy and with imaginations of how good she would be on bed.
Bukky Wright
Some might ask why Bukky Wright is on this list, but those very conversant with the entertainment industry in Nigeria and society happenings would know that this list will be incomplete without Bukky Wright. Though age is not on the side of this mother of two unlike Omotola, Bukky Wright is still beautiful and sexy just like Omotola. Her sexy smile and obviously soft body as always felt in a hand shake with her, can make a tired 'stick' rise even after 'eight successive battles'. No wonder many top politicians and society big-wigs still wrestle to have a taste of her 'tomato Jos'
Rita Dominic
Hot, sexy and well dressed, Rita Dominic is another 'hot cake' many men want to eat. Some men only wish to have her for once and hope to prove to her that she should accept them as the rightful owner of the 'apple'. Her criterion as a single lady is one of the attractive factors for this desire to have her warm their beds.
Though not blessed with big defenders (backside) and big headlamps (boobs), her light skin complexion and beauty are the 'remote controls' that pump the hearts of many men who wish to go down with this Imo State-born actress.
Monalisa Chinda
After her crash marriage in 2009, it became a race for the swift for many men who wish to have a taste of the former wife of Dejo Richards. If there is one thing makes most men want to sleep with Mona, as she is also fondly called, it is her attractive complexion. This has made many men try to unravel the puzzle of how Mona would like without any clothe on.
Are you tantalized and salivating? It is better not imagined, just to avoid setting yourself on fire. This is one of the reasons why many men may be after her and doing everything possible to sleep with her and probably boasts of winning a 'gold medal' for themselves.
Moji Olaiya
This actress from the scion of popular high life singer, Victor Olaiya, Moji is one celebrity some men are dying to sleep with. Though Moji is happily married, that has not erased the fact that she is on the wanted list of some women, men wish to try out some 'matches' with her on bed.
Eva Alordiah
Though Eva Alordiah is relatively unknown by many, but her beauty attracts some men who feel like quickly having her on their beds before she becomes a big star, when they feel she would have grown wings. She was newly signed by Eldee into his record label, Trybe's Records. The rapper has gradually become a celeb some big-wigs in the entertainment industry wish to sleep with and mark their register with.

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