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As you all know, our thespians in Nollywood are busy earning money from various avenues and endeavours. They sign endorsements deals, release and produce movies, design clothing lines, own boutiques, write blogs online and so on. For those who have remained in the artistic path, online portals like are the venue through which they get to reach out to their public at large online.

We, at, got the honour to sit at movie premieres and revert back to our site to voice our opinions and sound off to our readership. Our forums are hot with comments of our forumites who loved or loathed a movie and they are free to express themselves any which way they see fit. And that's the problem right there.

At least from the part of our Nollywood stars. Some Nollywood stars expressed concerns and reservations.

Now take a wild guess and work with me here: What possibly could those reservations and concerns be all about? Let's see: Their work is going public? That's the whole point of being in the lime light in the first place. Their work landing on the number one portal online for Nigerian entertainment? Surely not. Their work being exposed to our worldwide readership on all 5 continents? Not even close. Their integrity being tempered with? Don't even go there! Then what could possibly be the problem?

Our comments section under the articles! Yes! Granted, some comments come across pretty rough and some "stars"do not feel they were doing them, their work nor their career any justice. To add insult to injury, some thespians have gone the extra mile to "demand" that we edit the hurtful comments out and leave only the ones in their favour!

We say no! Flat out no Granted, we love us some entertainment, we love having fun, our stars are pretty/handsome, classy and we've laughed, shed a tear or two or had our hearts melt while watching them on our silver screen. Granted they have paid their dues in Nollywood and the much publicised reports of their trials and pains on and off screen got our collective hearts go out to them and we remembered them in our daily prayers to the Lord. Granted they have the cutest smile/face in the game and we never tire hearing their voices with the perfect diction. Check, check, and check!

Having said that, we feel here, at, that because of all the above, the stars should have developed by now a skin thick enough to deal with criticism and backlash of any kind. We feel that the whole point of having an open forum where anyone is free to share a piece of their minds is to favour free expression.

Nollywood thespians expresse themselves through their art, their public expresses itself on the forums of our site. We feel that they should welcome negative criticism as a means to improve whatever they are doing that irks the public to the point of backlash. They should be glad to have a real-life reflection of how they are being perceived by the public at large and a global public at that.

And last but not least, no one, and we mean no one has the right to tell us how to run our business or what to do with our website. However rich, beautiful, powerful or influential they might be. Unless they pay our bills! Kidding!

So we say no we are going to let our forumies express themselves freely without being edited or censured.

Ans so it remains,

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