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OccupyNigeria Suspends Protests Till Monday

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OccupyingNigeria in her way

OccupyingNigeria in her way

The coalition of civil society groups organizing the mass protest against the removal of fuel subsidy has suspended its protests for two days.

The group announced this in Lagos today through the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) convener, Pastor Tunde Bakare, at the Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park in Lagos. The Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park in Ojota, Lagos has been the converging point of the main Lagos protest venue.

Giving reason for the two-day suspension of the protest, the Latter Rain Assembly Pastor said that it was necessary for the protesters to go back to their respective homes to refresh after being at the protest venue for five days.

He however reiterated that the message still remains the same, 'Government going back to N65 per litre for fuel pump price.'

In his speech, the former Presidential running mate to General Buhari in April 2011 elections enjoined the people to remain steadfast and conduct themselves in a peaceful manner as they have done in the last days of the protest.

He said the civil society groups were giving the two days for the federal government to revert to the old pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), usually called petrol or face more mass protest from Nigerians across the country.

He told the protesters that, “No retreat, No Rethink, No surrender”. He also called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) not to fail the Nigerian people but also said that if the labour unions do fail Nigerians, the protest will march on.

The protest in Lagos has seen more increase daily with Nigerians coming together in one voice to make their minds known on the removal of fuel subsidy by President Jonathan's administration.

The protest has since its inception on Monday, January 9 taken a shape of a carnival, especially with performances by some Nigerian artistes, comedians and speeches by some Nollywood's stars, especially some who once supported President Jonathan during his campaign in 2011.

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Protesters in Lagos

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