Nollywood Hardtalk | 7 June 2017 08:52 CET

Moji Olaiya’s Life Spoke for her, What will you be Known for…Actor, Kolade Oyewande Speaks

In the words of Wale Adenuga productions, “We are nothing but pencil in the hands of our creator,” yes indeed the word is powerful and how we live our lives on earth matters a lot.

Late Nollywood actress, Moji Olaiya, will be laid to rest at Ikoyi in couple of hours as preparations are already in motion but she has been able to drag good people around her because of the way she lived her life.

Nollywood actor, kolade Oyewande, has decided to call the attention of his colleagues to the life the late actress lived warning that she has been celebrated and gone but what will happen to the lives the living are portraying today.

“R.I.P.. Lesson after Moji Olaiya’s death.: many people supported her by bringing her corpse back to Nigeria ,and made the ceremony and arrangement blessed one, God be with you all ,and stand by you ,may d joy of d lord be with you and your household, please ask yourself ,fans ,friends ,families ,when you are gone ,100yrs, 200yrs above, who will stand by you?

“Start doing the little you can now to people ,don't believe just me n my wife, just me n my kids ,just me n my family ,life is unpredictable do good to people and be good to people, in little way you can, because you can't satisfy everyone, love those that loves you, forgive those that hurts you ,and be prayerful in all aspect of life ...God bless you all,” the actor wrote.

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