Behind the scene | 16 January 2007 06:08 CET


There is no doubt that European Football, especially the English Premiership league, has won the heart of many Nigerians. At present, the foreign league is one of the most watched in Nigeria. And at most gathering of people you see, they are likely to argue about their favourite teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and so on. But this week, Nollywood Reel is concentrating on Nigeria's movie stars who are chronic fans of England's Arsenal Football Club, popularly referred to as The Gunners.

•Ramsey Noah: Ramsey is one of the biggest shots the Nigerian movie industry has ever produced. The half-caste actor, who was recently involved in a motorbike accident that saw him flown abroad for medical treatment, is one of the fans of Arsenal FC.

•Wale Adebayo: Wale rose to stardom a few years ago with the lead role he played in a Yoruba epic movie, Sango and since then, he has been fondly called by friends and admirers by the flick's name. He is also a strong Gunner.

•Uche Jombo: Though Uche is a lady, she has great passion for good football and she believes Arsenal is the best team that can thrill her at the moment. Apart from being a star actress, she is a script writer and an aspiring producer.

•Chico Ejiro: Mr. Prolific, as he is fondly called, is a big Arsenal fan and he is very fanatical about that. In fact, some of his personal effects, including the mug that he uses in his office, bear the club's logo. The award-winning Chico is one of the best producers/directors in Nollywood.

•Ayo Badmus: He is currently one of the most sought-after in the Yoruba movie scene. The dark-skinned actor recently told NollywoodReel that not even anything can make him renounce his love for the Gunners.

•Ose Omo Banke: This is another fast-rising actor that is so passionate about Arsenal. The club's jersey is what he loves wearing most among his clothing and whenever he has any important appointment, he prefers to dorn Arsenal's jersey.

•Wasiu Alabi: Although Wasiu Alabi, otherwise known as Pasuma Wonder is a musician, he has acted in a couple of home flicks and has obviously proved his dexterity in the showbiz world. He is also a Gunner.

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