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In the past few weeks a lot of people who are close to Star actor, Saidi Balogun have been wondering why the Ibadan born actor has been hyper active and smiling at most events and movie locations.

The answer to this poser according to a reliable source close to Saidi is that he has found love in a movie actress called Funke Adesiysan.

No one can say specifically how the two love birds met but gathered that since they met they have been all over each other. And even when Saidi lost several goods and belongings worth millions of naira, Funke stood by him as he gradually got over the shock of losing everything he worked for several months while he was in the United States of America recently.

A close pal of Saidi even confessed that there seems to be an inexplicable chemistry between the two love birds.Saidi and Funke initially were not sighted at events together, however after something they became confident and started attending showbiz events and parties organised by their colleagues together.

Saidi's reaction when Funke emerged the Best Actress in Supporting Role at the City People Entertainment Awards held at 10 Degrees Event Centre, Billingsway Road, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos practically let out the cat out of the bag. When Funke was announced the winner, the light complexioned actor jumped up from his seat and was celebrating that his heart rob won the award.Aside these scenarios which suggest that there is a romance tale about the two movie stars, a lot of people in the showbiz industry are of the opinion that Saidi must have been attracted to Funke because of her unassuming nature, humility and intelligence.

Findings also revealed that Funke may be in the good books of Saidi's mumie her mother-in-law. Also Funke hails from Ibadan, Oyo State the same place like Saidi.

Funke it is believed has been a loner since she came into the industry about 5 years ago. This has made a few female actress to have access to her as she produced most movies she has featured in. Though nothing has been heard about when and how the relationship will be concretized, but it is obvious Saidi has been having the best of time with Funke who has been doing everything possible to make Saidi a happy man.

It will be recalled that Saidi and his estranged wife, Fathia parted ways more than 3 years ago. The relationship bore 2 kids, Khalid and Aaliyah. Sometime last years Saidi was linked with a London big girl, Omoh and there were indaiction that he would settled down with her. Since then nothing has been heard about the relationship.

Funke hails from Ibadan, Oyo State. She is a graduate of Performing Arts from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State. She joined the movie industry in year 2003 when she featured in Papa Ajasco and Super Story series. She has produced Obinrin Ale and Ayo Kulehin. She has also featured in Aparo and Kakaaki. TAIWO OBATUSINFUNKE ADESIYAN SPEAKS ON HER RELATIONSHIP WITH SAIDI BALOGUN Yoruba movie actress, Funke Adesiyan is the 2010 winner of the just concluded City People Entertainment Awards Best Yoruba Actress in Supporting Role.

The Performing Arts graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University spoke briefly on the award and her relationship with Star actor, Saidi Balogun.Enjoy reading:

Congratulations on your award as the Best Supporting Yoruba Actress. How do you comment on this achievement?

I feel very happy and honoured I won the award. I feel very good about it. I know there are about 1000 people who played the ro
le of supporting actress. I also thank my fans for their support and for voting for me. I really appreciate everyone.

How do you intend to maintain the status of the best supporting actress in Yoruba movie industry?

I have several jobs I have done and some I am yet to do. I will obviously work harder to be reckoned with and maintaining a status of a star actress. There are works that were not produced by me but I featured in them.

There are insinuations that some people contributed to your growth in the industry. What is your comment on this?

I don't know about people helping me in the industry. I am a graduate of Theater Arts and so I put all my efforts into it. I came into the industry as a professional and so I knew I have work hard to make a mark in the industry. That gives reasons for my acting in a few movies.

What roles has Saidi Balogun played in your career?

Saidi Balogun is a good friend. He is my big brother in the industry. Even those that profess to be his enemies go to him for advice. He has been a wonderful person to me. He is someone I can call on to advise me on whatever I am doing.

There strong indications that you are in hot romance with him based on the manner you relate with him and how both of you have stepped out the last 2 months.

I have no comment on that. I am not going to comment on that.

There are also tales that Saidi has been over protective of you and seriously concerned about your welfare?

I would not agree that he has been over protecting me. There are a lot of people in ther industry that are fund of short changing others. So if he does not defend me it may be someone else.

Can you tell us what year you met Saidi Balogun?

I met Saidi in year 2008.

What do you say about tales of the relationship between the two of you?

All I can say is that he is my friend and my brother.

So you mean he is not your boyfriend?

Please I am not going to say anything about our relationship.

I wish you the best.

Thank you.


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