Nollywood Fashion Police | 5 April 2010 15:14 CET

Sartorial Murder on the Red Carpet

So much red detail, Freewindz

So much red detail, Freewindz

Lot's of celebs turned up on the Red Carpet: almost all badly dressed! Feast your eyes and call on NFC FASHION POLICE for help

... we certainly hope Silverman is taking notes
The usually impeccably dressed Baba Dee decided to show up in this disheartening outfit…
What went wrong Basketmouth? Are you pulling a Sauce Kid on us with shoes and socks that have no business with your clothes? Why baby, why?
Body Lawson could teach a few lessons in style...
Djinee overkillin' the look onstage...showing 'em how do do it!
Mixing brown shades with black is tricky. You seriously have to consider texture etc. Alabai didn't consider a thing, as his white bow tie proves
This guy's name is Igwe Gabosky. What else do you want to know?
Fashion Throwback: Hennessey Artistry, this past September
If you think you recognise Shedi Baba's jacket, you do - he loves it! And that belt -
Sort of reminds of of that episode on Prison Break when Schofield's foot is brutalised by Abbruzzi's shears. I know, gross! Sorry
Sound Sultan's outfit was depressing. He's usually cuts quite the figure. This was just lazy
Mr. Kool here looks like he's wearing a dress over trousers...and is hitching up his panties
The Colour Red
The usually impeccably dressed Baba Dee decided to show up in this disheartening outfit…
This is borderline...Not sure about that patch of white at Andre Blaze's navel
This is Elvis Chuks
This is how to do it!
This is Jimmy Flames
TV show host Deji Falope looks very grown up here. It might be because he's got a haircut...or maybe he just got it right with the clothes!!!
untitledInyanya keys into Geek Chic and is working it. Wish he would leave his jacket unbuttoned though

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