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The ravishingly beautiful Nigeria's top screen goddess, Remi Oshodi popularly called Surutu by her fans and admire due to the role she played in the Afolabi Ogunjobi's flick, Surutu, for the very first time has opened up to SBN that, herself and the diminutive boss of BAYOWA films and records are

In every sense of the word, it was a journalistic equivalent of war and it was well fought on both sides. The epitome of beauty, who visited FAME Plaza last Thursday in company of a friend had a not-too-pleasant interview with SBN and she reluctantly opened up to FAME's MICHAEL ALONGE on this and that. Excerpts

Can you tell us when you came into the movie industry?
I came into the movie industry professionally 1985 or there about, I just got into it by chance. I went for an audition in NTA and that was all.

Which one was your debut?
I can't remember now but the ones I can talk about is Spark by Danladi Bako, Telly Movie by the NTA, it's a national programme then also in the popular The Village Headmaster then as Sola Adeyemo's wife in the village.

How have you found the terrain since your incursion?
Well, cool and nice. I have been paid for whatever I do. But I will be fulfilled when I come out with my own movie, which of course is in the offing.

What are the challenges you face as an actress?
We face so many challenges which are too numerous to mention.

How about the 'script for hand back for ground' thing in the industry?
I think that's part of life. If such things do not happen in the industry, hardly will it grow; the industry will be so dull and unpleasant. If an actress is pretty, it's not a sin for a producer to ask her out, it all depends on what the actress feels about such a person.

Are you talking from experience?
I have just said it's a normal thing in the industry, don't ask me such a question pls.

Can you give us your educational and family backgrounds?
There is nothing to know about me. You already know that my name is Remi Oshodi, the fifth born from the family of six.
Are you okay with that?

How about your educational background?
I went to school. That's all.

And your husband, your fans know little or nothing about him?
What do they want to know about him? That is supposed to be a personal issue I believe.

You are quite right! But as a public figure who has no place to hide your fans will like to know what happens to your first marriage Okay.
I am a mother and nothing has happened to my marriage. I don't know how you came about that.

The rumors in town is that, your marriage has crumbled, how true is this?
Nothing has happened to my marriage, may be 'theirs' but for me nothing of such.

But, it's like you people don't stay together, am I right?
Why would you say I don't stay with him? Have you been to my house before?
[cut in] because nothing has been heard about him and that… Nothing has been heard about him because I decide not to talk about my private life with friends.

What kind of affair did you or do you have with Bayowa boss, Gbenga Adewusi?
Gbenga and I are inseparable. Do you understand? He's my friend, we've been together for long, and nothing can separate us.

We hear in the city that you are secret lovers, true or false?
Whatever you feel like writing about that please, go ahead. I am getting tired of these kind of questions from you. Even if I had an affair with BAYOWA, by now, it should have been a dead issue.

You are right but been the fact that, this is the first time our numerous readers all over the world are just reading about you.
I don't care. But I know it would be too ridiculous of your organization to be talking about dead issues. If you don't have anything that is new to ask me, I guess this is the end of this interview.

Okay, how would you react to the issue of lesbianism that you have been alleged of?
I am very sorry to say that, you must be out of your mind! Ask anybody about me, I have a partner, which is my husband, I don't see the reasons for me to embrace such an illicit, unlawful and shameful act. I think that question was too insultive, very insultive to my personality.

Okay then, let's talk about your personality, when should we expect your own arts work?
I don't know for now.

Which was the last movie you featured in?
I don't know, I can't remember for now.

It's like you are somehow cold with your reactions to my questions, what exactly is the problem?
I am not just down with your questions; I don't like them at all.

Which of your works is most challenging?
I don't know, you should be the one to tell me.

Can you tell us the biggest and lowest fee you ever received?
I am not ready to tell you that. I have been paid well, if that will please you.

You have nice cars, a jeep, BMW ,how wealthy are you?
I am contended with what I have but mind you, I bought that jeep, before I finally returned into ANTP caucus.
I have never produced a film to buy cars if that is what you still want to know.

Your last word for those who see you as a mentor?
Whatever they set out to do they should do it with the best of their abilities. Rain may fall, Sun may shine but just believe in your self.

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