Behind the scene | 30 September 2009 00:45 CET

''somebody should please call actor EMEKA ENYIOCHA to order''!


This is the email i received from one of my friends in nollywood.

It is such an interesting read and tells us a little about the kind of character emeka enyiocha is.

Hope you enjoy the mail as much as i did.



This is about the 3rd time i am sending this mail to you but you do not seem to be doing anything about it. I will hold you personally responsible if the situation gets out of hand as it is about to. PLEASE SOMEBODY SHOULD CALL EMEKA ENYIOCHA TO ORDER.

Whoever advised him to become a movie producer should have asked him first to gather some training before answering a producer. it is even funny that the people who should call him to order are watching him as if nothing is going on.

Last week he insulted and cursed everybody on his set and almost beat 2 ladies on set. Emeka enyiocha is so utterly unmannered and uncouth in the way he talks to his cast and crew some of who are regretting ever working with him. For two months he has been shooting a soap that was supposed to last for just a month largely because he lacks organizational and administrative skills.

This week he is fighting his friend Mr. Ernest Obi who abandoned his set to play politics. Visit his set any time and you will hear him always shouting and insulting people. It is difficult to believe he has a wife and a child at home from the way he insults others who are fathers and mothers. The impression is that he opted to being a producer when he was becoming unpopular as an actor. I think that from the way he is going, he is going to fizzle out faster as a producer the as an actor.


Today he is a director, tomorrow he is a cameraman, or production manager, on another day he is the costumier. His make up artiste, costumier, DOP, 2 production assistants, and even the director, all have run away from set and he has employed another group. Everybody is afraid even to air harmless opinions because he does not take corrections from anybody.

This is also calling on the owner of Macnuel Productions, Mr. Chidi the company where he work to call him to order because he is tarnishing the image and reputation of the company with his thuggery attitude.



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