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From their ambition, ye shall know them…


From their ambition, ye shall know them…
You know people by the friends they keep, so also, do some fans of notable movie artistes say they know their idols by their career ambitions. Moviedom peeps into the career ambition of some of these celebrities… 'I love acting. I am happy doing it. I want to get to the top of my career. I want to also keep my body and soul together and to remain God fearing. So, I am looking forward to making it to the top.' — Louisa Osu (Ireti in Fuji House of Commotion)

'Actors don't retire. Death retires them. When I cannot do active acting any more, maybe I will begin to focus more on production, where I will sit down on the chair and direct people. But as long as I am still active, I will concentrate more on acting and teaching.' — Norbert Young

'I'm working on my second film. We are also launching the film directory website in October, which will feature the directory online, entertainment news, interviews, events, jobs, chat rooms and much more. The website is all about creating a film community and coming together for a common goal of taking the industry to new heights. There is so much on my career plate and I would just allow it to drop off as I am ready.' — Michelle Bello (Producer and director, AMAA Award winning 'Small Boy')

'I just want to be a good ambassador of Nollywood. I want the generation of filmmakers coming after me to use my works as reference points when they are working. My husband and I have a strong passion to take Nollywood to the level, where producers and investors in mainstream Hollywood would come over to Nigeria and work with us. It's not easy to achieve because people have been saying this same thing for ages, but Daniel and I believe we will achieve it. If you look at our track record and what we have been able to achieve, so far, you will know that we mean business. We don't shoot our films for the Nigerian market alone. We make movies because we know that someone out there on the streets of Florida will pick it up and make a connection back to Africa.' — Doris Simeon Ademinokan

'It's to get to the very top of my career and remain there.' — Ladi Joy Tortey 'I want to sit and edit my own works. I also want to call the shots someday in Moviedom. I will still act and model especially if I get direct booking, but I really want to work behind the scenes in the near future. That's my dream.' — Blessing Effiom- Egbe

'My ambition is to run my entertainment company and to be the biggest in anything that has to do with showbiz. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself being an actor and, so, I will choose acting again and again. It has been rewarding.' — Leo Mezie

'I don't know ... It's difficult to say. I find it difficult to comment on my ambition since I had that accident. With that accident, I know that you can only say what you want to be, but you don't have a say how you would become it. So, it is difficult to say. I am going to get to the height of my career and be anywhere God wants me to be. I want to be able to leave a legacy and encourage young people to believe in themselves especially the Nigerian kids. I want their orientation of get-rich-quick to change completely. Hardwork pays. I want to be able to contribute to my society and industry. So, my career can take turns — I might be in politics tomorrow. It's a free world. Be whosoever you want to be. That's my motto. As long as there is nothing restricting me, I just move on'. — Stephanie Okereke

'I have my eyes on God because He is my fortress. I know that if He wants me to hit Nollywood now, He will perfect everything about it. Once my God has willed it, it will come to pass. So, I leave my career ambition to God'.

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